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Coffee Roasting Fundamentals

Whether you have no experience in coffee roasting, you wish to expand on your previous roasting knowledge, or simply want to learn for the fun of it, our Coffee Roasting Fundamentals class is the perfect place to start. In this practical and informative class, Brian Raslan will cover the entire coffee roasting process from start to finish including theoretical and practical components.

Coffee Roasting Fundamentals Course includes:

  • The origins, sourcing and selecting of green coffee beans
  • Introduction to coffee grading
  • Principles and techniques of coffee roasting
  • How to identify first crack
  • Roasting equipment operations
  • Roast profiling
  • Determine the differences between a good and bad roast
  • Cupping and sampling
  • Introduction to blending

To express your interest in attending a Coffee Roasting Fundamentals course, please contact us, including a preferred date and number of students and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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